Gargoyle at Guardians of Bologna

Text & images: Dorien De Vos

Last weekend I was one of the few non-Italian quidkids who had the foresight to attend the very first Italian fantasy tournament, Guardians of Bologna. With only six teams of about 12 players each it was more like a quidditch sleepaway camp with medals at the end.

Here are my ratings:

Location: 4/5. Despite the name, we didn’t actually guard Bologna all that much. The tournament took place in the city of Vignola, on the grounds of a local parish church. Great pitches WITH LINES, accommodation with toilets, showers, electricity, fridges… on site, a supermarket around the corner, and a dining hall to feed us. Having the whole tournament in one location was especially great and made it all super laid-back and cozy. Only downside was maybe a lack of shade on the pitches: if you invite Belgians and Brits you need to give us someplace to hide from the burning Italian sun.

Gameplay: 4/5. Did we run on time? Not exactly. Did anyone give a shit? Hell no. All games were played eventually, don’t worry about it. Lack of certified refs was solved by having literally anyone who felt like it ref a slot. Small teams just meant that everyone absolutely got enough playing time. Hakuna matata.

Food: 5/5. Italian food, three meals a day, freshly made on site by lovely volunteers, super cheap.

Social: 5/5. You try getting drunk on cheap beer and wine in a church basement with quidkids and see if you can rate it less than 5.

Atmosphere: 5/5. Cosy, chill tournament with a fantastic theme. No pressure on players, but very supportive. Everyone was taken care of, the staff was really on top of their game making sure every player felt at home.

Overall, one happy Gargoyle. Will attend again. Will recommend to friends.